Please note currently dim sum orders are for next day pickup. Please note currently dim sum orders are for next day pickup. Thank you for your understanding.


Originally founded in Hong Kong, Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant opened on Main and 32nd in 1988 and served as one of the first Cantonese restaurants in Vancouver. In December 1995, propelled by its popularity, Sun Sui Wah moved to its current two-storey location, an edifice built by award-winning architect Bing Thom.

Recognized as the pioneer of fresh, live seafood offerings such as Alaskan king crab, geoduck, and rock cod, Sun Sui Wah introduced premium, refined ingredients to the table along with specialty dishes like their highly accoladed roasted squab, a sought-after recipe passed down from its original location in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. 

Sun Sui Wah’s deeply rooted existence has not only made a mark in Vancouver’s culinary scene, but also contributed to many memories within generations of Canadians from multi-generational celebrations to extravagant high-profile banquets.



A long-time household favourite, we pride ourselves in our commitment to the authenticity and quality of our food. The flavours of our cuisine are exactly as one would experience on the streets of Hong Kong, from our handcrafted barbeque pork buns down to our handpicked tea leaves. Our classically trained chefs devote themselves in preserving and employing traditional cooking methods and processes; we handmake our dim sum daily, hours before opening, marinate and roast our barbeque with the use of an old-fashioned vertical oven, and slow simmer our delicacy soups to ensure balanced flavour profiles as originally intended.

The dining experience with us mirrors the hustle bustle of Hong Kong – a place many of us call home – with excited chatter from every table, customary tapping gestures of thanks, and brisk servers with efficient and prompt service. An establishment of familiarity in many senses, our long-time staff, including our General Manager, have been the core of our restaurant for over two decades and have participated in the lives of many Canadians and Chinese Canadians. A gathering place rooted in customs of family and sharing, Sun Sui Wah continues to contribute to and preserve these celebrations while witnessing those who were once children bring their own children to partake in the multi-generational rituals.   

Sun Sui Wah strives to offer authentic fare crafted with classic methods as an ode to Cantonese gastronomy while catering to modern demands including experiences for the home. Along with dine-in for dim sum, multiple-coursed meals, and exquisite banquet menus, Sun Sui Wah is offering both ready-to-eat takeaway dim sum and in-house made frozen dim sum, thoughtfully prepackaged multi-course meal sets, and convenient lunch box options.

We invite you to come experience the Sun Sui Wah difference.